Eric Canales


My name is Eric Canales and I am a junior at Robert Vela High school. I do not do much and i do not like to do much, as I love doing nothing and hate doing work. Why work when you could just chill out and relax. If anything i really like to sleep a lot. Games are pretty cool too, whether they are outside or on a console. I find it pretty cool to hang out with my friends when i have the chance, but i do not really have that much time in my day. That is why i like to sleep because i get tired pretty easily from the day.

My Dream Job

I would like to be dentist. I am fascinated with the human teeth and the way they work, grow, and decay. The structures are more than what they seem. I have plenty of friends and family members who have messed up teeth and I wonder to myself how it could be fixed, or what can be done to make them better? Besides the intention to help people with their teeth, the money is very good for what you have to do in this field.

    The Top 5 Universities That I Would Like to Attend:


#2 Texas A&M University

#3 STC

#4 Harvard


My Top 5 Favorite Music Videos